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In a time where true love and relationships are scarce, you don’t want to lose the one you truly love due to petty circumstances that get blown from your failed attempts to make things right. Often words don’t come out right because we really don’t know how to express what it is we really want to say—sometimes an outside source is needed to provide guidance through a stressful situation like this.

Brad Browning

Brad Browning is the author of The Ex Factor Guide.

Luckily, the Ex Factor Guide was created! Brad Browning is a relationship coach who created this innovative, convenient digital program. This guide helps you to take action in winning back your ex lover! Brad will teach you how to effectively communicate with your ex in order to reestablish communication. With Brad’s 10 years of experience as a relationship coach, he offers a variety in knowledge to help people get reunited with their lost lover. The Ex Factor Guide offers audio and visual components that are easily explained in a step by step fashion—made clear in a clear and concise manner with information that is easy to obtain.

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, the Ex Factor Guide is for you —it focuses on retraining your ex’s psychological patterns with reverse psychology. Brad Browning teaches in depth techniques to help you become skilled at reigniting your ex’s passion. With relationships standing at a 90% chance to rekindle, one should consider making an affordable life changing step that can help you get your partner back.  It is strictly a digital product, and the program includes an audio course, a full-length eBook, videos, and two bonus books.

Strategy Vs Desperation

A lot of people act out of pure desperation when attempting to win an ex back, however Brad explains how these tactic will push that person further and further away. These tactics will only provoke your ex, resurface negative emotions and make things worse. Instead of using desperation and victim role strategies, Brad teaches you ways to decode the male or female psyche— breaking past defense mechanisms and employing sneaky methods to tap into your ex’s primal, intuitive instincts. In the “get your boyfriend back” or “get your girlfriend back” section, you can gain a better understanding of the purpose of these strategies that are highly effective. Understanding the opposite sex’s psyche will help you better understand how their mind works.


The Ex Factor Guide will teach you how to conduct yourself in a more respectful way when dealing with your ex in the initial breakup, ensuring no extensive confrontation that will make matters worse. Brad will also express how coming from an irrational place almost always enables one to provide impulsive reactions to situations. To avoid this, Brad suggests taking alone time in this process as well. The “alone time” serves a dual purpose and it will allow you to think clearly away from your ex and not make ill thought-out decisions. The other important component that will surface from this tactic is that your ex will get jealous when he/she sees that you do not attempt to make contact. That jealousy will spark a response that will be beneficial to the process of putting you back ahead of the game.


This is everything you’ll get in the Ex Factor Guide… plus you’ll be receiving a few more bonuses.

The features and topics provided are carefully planned and geared toward success. The bonus books and videos are provided with comprehensive knowledge that everyone can understand. The videos are not rushed and make possible enough time for you to grasp what is being taught. The success of the Ex Factor Guide is highly possible when the step by step guidance and advice is followed keenly.

90% of all relationships can be salvaged! Why not make an affordable purchase that can help you take a step toward being in that 90% percentile? Learn about various tactics like, using the new partner to your advantage, the “3R system”— recovery, rekindling and re attraction. Your ex will not be able to resist these subliminal psychological cues that you are subjecting them to.

This program foundation is based on real psychological exercises and strategies that you can certainly and easily learn how to apply. Stop wasting your time crying and going through a repetitive cycle, adding more damage to the situation and get the help from a trained individual that has helped many people mend their relationships.

Compared to other digital products that have claimed to help you rekindle with your ex, Brad’s methods prove effective and the Ex Factor Guide was created with high quality— offered at an affordable price of only $47. There is no reason to try to handle this matter alone when you can have effective help with a better probability rate.

A New Beginning

You are not working to get your old relationship back—you will be learning how to win back your ex and to rebuild a fresh healthy relationship with better communication. What caused you to break up can be worked on and left in the past. Learn how to work on regaining your confidence and how to identify some unattractive characteristics that you may possess that hinder your relationship. Be trained how to seduce your ex so that they only want to be with you.

Finally, after all of that work, you can learn how to maintain your relationship in a healthier, clearer way to prevent loosing the one you love ever again. This in home system is like having the facilitator right in your fingertips! Not many other products offer as successful a system as Brad does with the Ex Factor Guide —he will help you realize your mistakes and see how you can work on yourself to be better for your partner.

If you truly love your ex and can’t live without them, then that person is worth the work, worth the wait and worth the investment. Stop leaning on your own understanding— making the common mistakes that everyone makes. Try this innovate system and start succeeding at reigniting your relationship with the Ex Factor Guide!

The result? Within a couple of days, your ex will be hammering down your door begging you to take them back.

Effectiveness: 9.8
Value: 8.9
Ease of Use: 8.7

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